Here’s a nice Forbes Asia article on the determined startup scene in Jakarta, which sounds pretty much like startup scenes anywhere, but works to bring products and services to a market that doesn’t get enough attention from the corporate giants. Heads turned toward Indonesia when the story of social network Koprol and Yahoo! started to spread last year, and young entrepreneur groups are showing what can be achieved by networking and sharing knowledge.

Mentioned here are startups like city directory Urbanesia, e-publisher Evolitera, and e-commerce platform Tokopedia. So far these businesses have grown by focusing on the local market, showing their skills by delivering services not available to Indonesians or Indonesian-speakers on the wider web. They meet at local cafes like Jakarta’s hip Potato Head and joining them on the scene are physical product sellers and marketers like t-shirt company Gantibanju, antique dealer krazymarket, various coupon programs and Adadiskon, which does retail promotions.