Nanyang Technological University is aiming to become one of the great global universities by 2015 with a new five-year strategy based on innovation, while leveraging its existing reputation for excellence in business studies and engineering. The plan, announced Tuesday, sees NTU as the training ground for Asia’s next generation of leaders in key fields as well as a contributor to Singapore’s economic base. The plan identifies five “peaks of excellence” which will affect the region in future:

Healthcare: takes NTU’s research at the College of Engineering, as well as its 200+ research projects in biomedical engineering and use of technology in healthcare;

New Media: will work on cross-campus collaborations through the Institute for Media Innovation;

Innovation Asia: new programs designed to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset and promote social responsibility among future business leaders;

‘New Silk Road’: to branch out further than China and forge new links between NTU and other institutions in Asean, India and the Middle East;

Sustainable Earth: build on NTU’s existing niche in environmental technology, sustainable development, urbanization and water reclamation research.

article: Straits Times