Indonesia, despite having ASEAN’s largest economy, a huge young population and plenty of startups, isn’t famous for producing entrepreneurial success stories… yet. Though there’s a lot of potential for improvement, innovators in Indonesia suffer from a lack of government support, investment-unfriendly laws, and a perception by some foreign investors that web startups aren’t offering anything original.

e27 has an interview with Natali Ardianto, who did what all good entrepreneurs should and took the initiative himself to improve the situation. His group, #startuplokal, meets regularly to offer support and knowledge sharing, mainly to online startups, and hopefully get some valuable publicity for their efforts. He and his partners, all members of successful companies, are also aiming to form an Indonesian Startup Foundation to bridge the gap between new businesses and investors, and hacker spaces in major urban centers.

He talks about how the current number of Indonesian startups is quite healthy, challenges they face, whether or not Indonesia faces a tech bubble, and how startups can benefit by leveraging each others’ expertise.