Startup Weekend, a multi-national event catering to all aspects of (you guessed it) startup companies, is coming to Kuala Lumpur and other locations across Malaysia on 22-24 October 2010. The 54-hour program brings together entrepreneurs, marketers, business managers and developers in an “All Action, No Talk” happening where participants pitch their ideas on the first night, workshop and gather actual launching education on the second day and present their plan on the final.

While KL will host the full event, compressed one-day versions will also take place in Penang, Kota Bharu and Johor Bharu. Registration details are not finalized yet but information and FAQs are available online.

Startup Weekend has operated in over 80 cities across 25 countries for three years. Many participants go on to launch actual businesses after attending and over 36% of those companies are still alive three months after the event.

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