Innovative building technologies from Singapore’s A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) will be on show at the Build Eco Expo (BEX Asia 2010) at Marina Bay Sands until Wednesday this week. The event will bolster Singapore’s image as a center for sustainable and efficient construction technology and increase productivity in the industry.

Singapore, under a government initiative, has a target to ‘green’ 80% of its buildings by 2030.

At the core of A*STAR’s display is a flame retardant free of halogen, plasticizers and toxic gases, designed to “prevent the spread of fire by forming a blanket of solid material at low temperatures”, while also avoiding the choking and dripping hazards of conventional methods.

A*STAR will also showcase other green building and construction technologies, including:

– Nanoimprint Technology: Engineering the very surface of materials to achieve a variety of results
-Flexible and Energy-efficient Lighting Sheets: printable light-emitting sheets for ambient lighting and signage
-Glass Inspection System: a hand-held glass safety and strength inspection device
– Health Monitoring of Fibre-reinforced Composites: embedding sensors in materials to detect stress and wear over time
– Integrated RFID Real-time Track & Trace System: an internet-based tracking and tracing system to streamline construction
– Monitoring System for energy-efficient and intelligent manufacturing of construction materials: to monitor equipment health, & availability and energy consumption.

source: A*STAR. PDF download of company specific details available here