knows there’s a lot of creative talent floating around Asia and wants to be its center of quality, original video programming. Online since May 2010, it’s already getting a lot of attention from local content producers wanting to get worthy material out there in a drivel-free zone.

The name is from the Malay ‘satu’ (‘one’), representing its two founders’ ambitions for the site as a one-stop viewing center. Malaysians Alex Lam and Ben Israel know what they’re doing: Alex is the Managing Director of multi-digital services agency Integricity Corporation, while Ben is Digital Strategist at the Singapore branch of global PR behemoth Edelman and a founding member of the Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur.

Far from being another web video free-for-all, seeks only serious content. Producers need to apply for inclusion and guarantee their material is original and of adequate standard. That means episodic series, independent films and informative programs –no one-off viral videos or other people’s work. If you’ve ever felt your brain cells dying watching YouTube faceplants (or more often, reading the comments)’s moderated environment is a relief.

“Those who use (other video sharing sites) find their content is buried underneath a deluge of other videos,” says Ben. “Anyone who wanted to host their own shows to avoid this found the costs were often far from modest.” By using, creators “can cut the cost of video distribution and increase their reach, while creating new revenue channels.”


The site is the exclusive video platform for the recent Open Web Asia SEA conference and will feature all sessions and talks by Asia’s top web technology minds. Also featuring are the past seasons of 3R – Respect, Relax and Respond, a popular mainstream TV program for young women talking about issues like careers, relationships and health. You’ll also find plenty of lectures, socio-political news and the series of TEDx Kuala Lumpur talks.

At the moment, is looking for more indie films and documentaries, and the moderators are always interested in more everyday programming like travelogues, food/wine reviews, even talk shows and standup comedy. Its potential is already becoming clear, and the response so far from the local creative community has been “more than encouraging”.