Tampines Grande building

Tampines Grande building

Five Singapore companies have taken prizes in the 2010 ASEAN Energy Awards, four of them winning their category. The annual awards were announced at the ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting in Da Lat City Vietnam this week, and recognize regional advances in renewable energy technology as well as efficient energy usage in buildings.

(Singapore will also host International Energy Week (SIEW) in October-November this year, showcasing green technology and highlighting the need for further development to ensure energy security, environmental sustainability and economic competitiveness.)

Singapore’s 2010 ASEAN Energy Award prizes were:

Renewable Energy Project Competition 2010: Winners

IUT Singapore Pte Ltd (On-grid Category) This plant exports energy back into the Singapore power grid by burning food waste, serving the dual purpose of generating energy and saving the space that waste would otherwise take up in Singapore’s limited landfills.The plant actually powers itself with some of the methane-rich bio-gas it produces in burning the waste.

Eco Special Waste Management Pte Ltd (Off-grid Category) Generates thermal energy by burning sewage sludge. This energy is then used to dehydrate the sludge and turn it into plant fertilizer. The process reduces CO2 emissions by 100,000 tons annually by eliminating methane production.

ASEAN Best Practices for Energy Efficient Buildings Competition 2010: Winners

Tampines Grande Building (New & Existing Category) This building is rife with energy efficient and sustainable technology, including Singapore’s most extensive installation of solar photovoltaic cells on its roof. It also features covered walkways, landscaping and many plants to reduce the amount of cooling energy required.

Fuji Xerox Towers (Winner, Retrofitted Category) Achieved a 23% cut in energy consumption between 2007 and 2009 with a series of efficiency enhancements. They include motion sensors to ensure energy is used only when needed, and upgrades to its chiller system including an automatic tube cleaning system to keep the plant running at optimal performance and cutting energy usage by 50% per year.

The People’s Association Headquarters was 2nd Runner-up in the New & Existing Category. It features an additional roof, a ‘breathable wall’ and sun shades for cooling efficiency, plus solar PV cells and close monitoring of its lighting & co0ling systems.

Both Tampines Grande and Fuji Xerox Towers are under City Developments Ltd (which prides itself on its green credentials) and have won Building & Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Platinum and Gold Awards respectively. These awards, among other environmental criteria, also recognize water efficiency and indoor environmental quality.

source: Energy Market Authority (media release) — also includes PDF link to full details of winning projects