This very cool article (part of a series) from the BBC sums up what it takes to be an innovator and change the world by following your dreams — and also why so few are able to do it. It lists five vital characteristics of people who decided against the ‘safe option’ of conformity and fight their way to success. In a nutshell, they are:

An indestructible will: taking repeated punches and getting up again each time;

Passion beyond reason: motivated most by something you just have to do;

Outrageous optimism: not just in yourself, but in humanity generally;

A super-sized ego: the unwavering belief that you’re doing the right thing;

The rebel yell: because you’ll need to tell the mainstream where to go.

I’m racking my brain trying to think of a successful innovator who doesn’t have these five qualities, but I can’t think of one. That’s the formula for changing the world, and frankly those are the people I most like to spend time with, too.